Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2020

Beijing, China, September 14–17, 2020

Accepted Papers

All papers are available for download from the TCHES website.

TCHES Volume 2020, Issue 1 (Published: 2019-10-17)

  • Methodology for Efficient CNN Architectures in Profiling Attacks
    Gabriel Zaid, Lilian Bossuet, Amaury Habrard, Alexandre Venelli
  • Recovering the CTR_DRBG state in 256 traces
    Lauren De Meyer
  • Lightweight Authenticated Encryption Mode of Operation for Tweakable Block Ciphers
    Yusuke Naito, Takeshi Sugawara
  • SITM: See-In-The-Middle--Side-Channel Assisted Middle Round Differential Cryptanalysis on SPN Block Ciphers
    Shivam Bhasin, Jakub Breier, Xiaolu Hou, Dirmanto Jap, Romain Poussier, Siang Meng Sim
  • Power Analysis on NTRU Prime
    Wei-Lun Huang, Jiun-Peng Chen, Bo-Yin Yang
  • Share-slicing: Friend or Foe?
    Si Gao, Ben Marshall, Dan Page, Elisabeth Oswald
  • CAS-Lock: A Security-Corruptibility Trade-off Resilient Logic Locking Scheme
    Bicky Shakya, Xiaolin Xu, Mark Tehranipoor, Domenic Forte
  • Improved Heuristics for Short Linear Programs
    Quan Quan Tan, Thomas Peyrin
  • Cache vs. Key-Dependency: Side Channeling an Implementation of Pilsung
    Daniel Genkin, Romain Poussier, Rui Qi Sim, Yuval Yarom, Yuanjing Zhao
  • TEDT, a Leakage-Resistant AEAD Mode for High Physical Security Applications
    Francesco Berti, Chun Guo, Olivier Pereira, Thomas Peters, François-Xavier Standaert
  • Bluethunder: A 2-level Directional Predictor Based Side-Channel Attack against SGX
    Tianlin Huo, Xiaoni Meng, Wenhao Wang, Chunliang Hao, Pei Zhao, Jian Zhai, Mingshu Li
  • A Comprehensive Study of Deep Learning for Side-Channel Analysis
    Loïc Masure, Cécile Dumas, Emmanuel Prouff