CHES 2021

13-17 September 2021


Rump Session

This program is tentative

Call for Contributions

For another CHES year, we saw the whole planet adopt masking as a security measure, and attack surfaces being cleaned over and over again. Now it's the time to have some fun and meet your friends in the rump session. This time we will have a cross-timezone "banquet": early breakfast in the Americas, lunch in Europe and late dinner in Asia. Pick your favorite food and join us!

Time to use all that soft- and hardware you write papers about and use it to send in a funny/amusing/informational/really funny talk. Do you have breaking news about buying an island for the IACR? Do you have a talk about cryptography that only barely touches the realms of being plausible? Do you want to send in a skit/song that you picked out of 100 takes? Or just any interesting story to share with the CHES community? Make them short and entertaining, fill out the submission form and ask for a talk slot!

Submission Guidelines

Time constraints: 1-5 minutes, 6 minutes if very funny

Submission deadline: Wednesday 15 September 2021 6pm UTC


The rump session will be run via Zoom and will be live simulcast on YouTube and both video and slides will be made available online to the wider world afterwards. The act of submitting will be taken as your consent to these terms. Note that it is your responsibility as a rump session contender that no plagiarism or copyright infringements take place. Do not play copyrighted music as part of your talk under any circumstances. If you aren't sure, it's probably copyrighted.

Speakers will be asked to share their own screen at the time of the talk. To reduce the talk-switching time, we encourage all the speakers to locally practice screen-sharing on Zoom. Upon request we will also offer a practice session for users unfamiliar with Zoom; if this is the case, please indicate this on your submission form.


The format of the material can be slides, video, or live performance. We require the speakers to submit at least a title slide even if you are not planning to prepare slides for the talk. The reason is that we will let every speaker share their screen at the beginning of their talk, thereby bringing the focus to them before the start of their talk.

Detailed Instructions

  1. All speakers are strongly encouraged to use the desktop client to connect to the session; the web client can have sound and screen sharing issues.
  2. We expect speakers to be in the Zoom session at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their contribution. We will announce the running order well in advance.
  3. We will send a private message via Zoom to signal the speaker(s) to be ready shortly before the start time of their talk. The speaker should be prepared to be share their screen and start talking after being introduced by us live on the stream.
A final reminder: do not play copyrighted music as part of your talks. Yes, we're serious. Yes, we know it's a bummer. Since the rump session is recorded and posted on YouTube, if you play copyrighted music, the IACR YouTube account is at risk of being shut down. Please don't put us at risk!

Rump Session Chairs