Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2019

Atlanta, USA, August 25–28, 2019

Rump Session

The CHES 2019 rump session will be held Monday August 26th, at 8pm and will chaired by Daniel Genkin and Peter Schwabe. Presentations at the rump session are intended to be an informal, short and entertaining description of recent research results. Non-technical but entertaining presentations are also (actually, particularly!) welcome.

In order to reduce time between adjacent talks, all presentations will be concatenated into a single PDF file. Thus, please submit your slides in PDF format via the IACR CHES 2019 rump session submission server before Monday, August 26th, 3:30pm Atlanta time. In case your submission has special requirements, such as for demos or if you use special props, please describe them in the Comments to Chair field in the submission page. Please use this field to also indicate the requested length for the submission (not more than 7 minutes), the speaker (plus contact email), and if you object to your presentation being recorded.

Please note that, unfortunately, we have only recently realized that the submission server is vulnerable to RowHammer attacks, so we cannot guarantee that submitted slides will not be corrupted.

Rump Session Program

20:00 Opening of the rump session
Daniel Genkin and Peter Schwabe
20:05 PC chair report
Jorge Guajardo and Pierre-Alain Fouque
20:20 Announcements and awards
Stefan Mangard
20:25 Open Security Keys
Emanuele Cesena
20:30 CHES 2019 challenge
Matthieu Rivain
20:42 Nano Security: From Nano-Electronics to Secure Systems
Ilia Polian
20:47 Upcoming Deadlines DATE, ETS, TUZ
Ilia Polian
20:49 Microsoft Private AI Bootcamp
Wei Dai
20:52 CARDIS 2019 in Prague
Martin Novotny
Refill your drinks!
21:05 A Call for Time Travel Resistant Crypto (TTRC)
Colin O'Flynn
21:10 Physically Unclonable Functions -- Stochastic Models WANTED! (failed attempt)
Sylvain Guilley and Yohei Hori and Yousung Kang
21:15 Why go to USENIX 2020?
Colin O'Flynn
21:17 Scared: open source side-channel library by eShard
Benjamin Timon
21:24 COSADE 2020
Guido Bertoni and Francesco Regazzoni
21:26 Physically Unclonable Functions -- Stochastic Models WANTED!
Sylvain Guilley and Yohei Hori and Yousung Kang
21:31 Last-minute addition to the program
Dominic Forte