Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2022

CHES 2022

Venue Proposals

The Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES) attracts more than 400 attendees each year and is the largest IACR area conference. Traditionally, CHES switches between venues in Europe, America and Asia.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Each year, the CHES steering committee solicits proposals for locations and general chairs of the CHES conference according to the IACR Guidelines for General Chairs. In addition to the general guidelines by the IACR, the following refinements hold for CHES:

  • CHES has a comparable size to the IACR conferences (Crypto, Eurocrypt, Asiacrypt). Therefore, proposals are not limited to two pages as it is stated for area conferences in Section 3.4 of the IACR Guidelines for General Chairs, but to 4-8 pages as for IACR conferences.
  • The CHES steering committee selects the venue and the general chairs for the conference in year N at the steering committee meeting of the CHES conference in the year N-2 or shortly after. Hence, proposals need to be submitted about two years in advance. A dedicated deadline is announced each year.
  • The steering committee invites submitters of proposals for year N to present their proposal at the steering committee meeting in year N-2.
  • The CHES steering committee welcomes cooperation between research groups to organize a CHES conference. There should be only one proposal for each metropolitan area.
  • After a proposal has been selected by the CHES steering committee, the steering committee recommends the selected proposal and the selected chairs to the IACR board of directors for approval through its representative to IACR. The recommendation to IACR is done no later than at IACR board meeting at Eurocrypt in the year before the planned CHES conference. This allows refinements of the proposal and the budget between the submission to the CHES steering committee and the IACR board of directors.
  • CHES has the following requirements in terms of rooms:
    • Pre-conference day: two rooms for 150 people to accommodate pre-conference workshops and tutorials
    • Conference days: 3 days with two parallel tracks (in separate rooms) to accommodate a total number of up to 500 participants using a classroom style setup.
    • Post-conference day: two rooms for 150 people to accommodate post-conference workshops

CHES 2022

Please submit your proposal for CHES 2022 for a location in the Americas until August 31th, 2020 by email to the chair of the steering committee (benedikt.gierlichs AT Please indicate in advance that you are preparing a proposal for CHES as soon as you decide to submit. Please feel free to get in touch any time during the proposal preparation.