CHES 2022

September 18-21, 2022

Leuven, Belgium


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General Information

Registration for CHES 2022 is open. The registration fees are as follows:

Registration Cost




Early (until August 18)
(Registration Fee + IACR dues)

US$650 + US$50

US$325 + US$25


Late (from August 19)
(Registration Fee + IACR dues)

US$800 + US$50

US$475 + US$25


Online Participation
(Free Registration + IACR dues)

free + US$50

free + US$25

The registration fee for Sunday events (tutorials and workshop) is US$100, which includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon coffee on Sunday, September 18.

The guest registration fee covers participation in the welcome reception on September 18, in the rump session on September 19, and banquet on September 20.

The deadline for refunds for registrations is August 18; please note that we have to charge a fee of US$150 for refunds of registration fees.

Current students who are presenting can get a registration fee waiver (see below).

Please register via the IACR CHES 2022 registration page.

Code of Conduct

People who register agree to abide by the IACR code of conduct.

Student Stipends

Student speakers please write to the general chairs at with the subject line "CHES 2022 stipend" before August 18 (and preferably as soon as possible). Please identify your school, your advisor and the title of your talk, and indicate if this will be your first IACR conference of the year. If you desire more support than a registration fee waiver, see below.

Students who seek financial assistance (i.e. a stipend or fee waiver, or more) please also write to with the subject line "CHES 2022 stipend" before August 8 (and preferably as soon as possible). Please in your email include a short motivating paragraph specifying your school and advisor (if any). Especially if you are not presenting, ask your advisor to write us email in support (one email can pertain to multiple students).

In all cases, please await a response before registering yourself (this saves us some trouble). If you ask for assistance, you will not be assessed a late fee if we respond too late for you to make the early registration deadline. Students who receive assistance should be prepared to show a student ID or other proof of affiliation at the registration desk.

Invoices for Registration

Those who require an invoice prior to registering, or have other billing problems, please write to us at with the subject line "CHES 2022 billing" and explain your situation.

Hotels and Accommodation

Please see Venue & Travel Information.

General Co-Chairs