Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 9–12, 2018

Rump Session

The CHES 2018 rump session will be held Monday September 10th, at 19pm and will chaired by Daniel Genkin and Yuval Yarom. Presentations at the rump session are intended to be an informal, short and entertaining description of recent research results. Non-technical but entertaining presentations are also welcome.

In order to reduce time between adjacent talks, all presentations will be concatenated into a single PDF file. Thus, please submit your slides in PDF format via the IACR CHES 2018 rump session submission server before Monday, September 10th, noon Amsterdam time (10am UTC). In case your submission has special requirements, such as for demos or if you use special props, please describe them in the Comments to Chair field in the submission page. Please use this field to also indicate the requested length for the submission (not more than 5 minutes), the speaker (plus contact email), and if you object to your presentation being recorded.

Rump Session Program

20:00 Announcements and awards
Stefan Mangard
20:05 PC chair report
Daniel Page and Matthieu Rivain [slides]
20:25 Embedded Hardware Blockchain: Towards Concrete Security Metrics
Colin O'Flynn [slides]
20:30 New secure scalar multiplication algorithm against single-trace attacks
Dukjae Moon [slides]
20:35 RISC V Foundation Security Standing Committee: Call to Action!!
Helena Handschuh [slides]
20:40 Announcement COSADE 2019
Ilia Polian and Marc Stöttinger [slides]
20:41 Something that is little can often have great power
Bo-Yeon Sim; Junki Kang; Dong-Guk Han [slides]
20:46 PQCzoo: Post-Quantum Beasts and Where to Find Them
James Howe [slides]
Short Break
21:00 CHES CTF Award
Ileana Buhan and Emmanuel Prouff [slides]
21:08 December 2018
Yuval Yarom [slides]
21:10 Simple Side Channel Analysis on Plug-and-Play Quantum Key Distribution
Sunghyun Jin [slides]
21:14 IoTeX – Hiring
Xinxin Fan [slides]
21:15 ECC 2018
Toru Hashimoto [slides]
21:17 If you like CHES 2018 you may also like...
Lejla Batina [slides]
21:18 Fast, Furious and Insecure
Lennert Wouters and Benedikt Gierlichs [slides]
21:25 NIST Update
John Kelsey [slides]
21:30 Statistical Ineffective Fault Attacks
Christoph Dobraunig [slides]
21:33 Announcing the Workshop on advances in permutation-based crypto 2018
Joan Daemen [slides]
21:35 The Return of Insecure Brazilian Voting Machines
Diego F. Aranha [slides]
21:40 A [magical] parallel variant of SIDH
Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez [slides]
21:45 The WhibOx Competition Returns
Pascal Paillier [slides]
21:48 New records for lattice challenge
Léo Ducas [slides]